What can I do over summer break?

Summer break is a great time to TAKE A BREAK! I hope you spend lots of time with family and friends, swimming, having cookouts, and riding bikes. Or do whatever you want to do–I don’t know your life!

There are a few things you could do, to make sure your next school year is better than the last. Here is my list for your summer homework:

  1. Do your summer homework for your classes! Check the TJ website and find your teachers. Look at the homework. Plan out the homework for the weeks of summer–don’t do too much at one time!
  2. Read for pleasure every day. About 20-30 minutes should be a good amount.
  3. Exercise! Get outside and run around, once!
  4. Practice your typing skills. There are lots of different web apps for this. I like Typingclub.com. Once again, 20 minutes or so will do it.
  5. Practice your math skills. Khan Academy is good for this. 20-30 minutes, a few times per week!
  6. Eat a new food, or learn to cook. This will help you to broaden your culinary experience, as well as help out your family.
  7. Clean one room of the house, every once in a while. You need to practice these skills. Trust me.
  8. Remember to interact with humans! You are one. We are generally meant to live with others, not alone in our heads. Give it a try–you have these skills. Have a conversation.

I hope your summer break is fun! I know mine will be. See you in the fall!