YouTube Charlie

I will host the YouTube Charlie videos on my Google Classroom, but to save you time, links to all the videos will stay in this post, as well.

How to Be More Self Aware

5 Common Habits that will Kill Your Confidence

5 Common Phrases that Show You Lack Confidence

How to Be Nice Without Being a Pushover

3 Body Language Tips to Instantly Look More Attractive

3 Easy Ways to Start a Conversation With Anyone

Stand Up for Yourself Without Being a Jerk

6 Tips to Deal with the Negative Comments that Come with Self-Improvement

3 Mistakes that Butcher First Impressions

How to Destroy Self-Doubt

How to Spot a Liar

How to Be the Coolest Guy in the Room

Why People Love Will Smith (and not Jaden)

6 Public Speaking Tips to Hook Any Audience

3 Simple Voice Tweaks to Captivate Anyone

Why Jimmy Fallon Seems Fake

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